About Us


At Calculated Conversions we show up every day to solve the biggest challenge in marketing, Measurable Results.

Companies need to know what is working for them and what is not in terms of customer engagement, how to scale up their advertising spend, and which advertising channels to cut, quickly. Not every media plan is the same because not every business is the same. Companies need to identify their target customers and determine where to allocate resources in order to reach them most effectively. Companies need to know where their clients and customers are spending their time (and money) and they need to know quickly.

In business, we need data to make informed decisions. Calculated Conversions provides the most actionable media plans in the industry. We aim to make the data quantifiable and results oriented to allow our clients to make quick decisions that will positively impact their revenue goals.

With over 25 years of experience in digital media planning and execution, Calculated Conversions commits to providing our clients with meaningful engagement equaling measurable results for their business.

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